Vertical Blinds with One Touch and Square-corner
S-shaped Vertical Blinds with One Touch and Square-corner Valance
3 1/2" Louvers, Orante Panel Edge, Divider Rail and Hidden Tilt
Two Motorized Cellular Shades on One Headrail in 3/8" Double Cell Facets
Pleated Shade: Mission, Chamois


When you choose Graber window treatments to complete the decor of your home, you should expect a superior experience, beginning at the moment of installation and lasting throughout the life of our products.

The company got its start in 1939 when John N. Graber installed a set of Venetian blinds in his home in Middleton, Wisconsin. Standing back to assess his handiwork, Graber realized that his drapes looked unbalanced hanging over the new blinds. To improve upon the existing design, he invented a special metal bracket that he christened the Badger Crane, after the animal that symbolizes his home state.

Through his innovation and artistry, Graber had elevated the standards for consumers, and also for the industry. His ingenious invention, realized with quality materials and craftsmanship, would eventually be marketed throughout the Midwest, then all over the world.

Today Graber is a leader in combining sophisticated style, energy efficiency, unyielding quality, and innovative design to create truly exceptional window treatments.