Standard Roman Style in Serenity, Haze 11502 with Privacy Liner
Standard Roman Style Natural Shades with Corded Bottom
Corded Bottom Up/Top Down in Escape, Island 25602 and Privacy
Standard Roman Style in Liren, Butternut 40263 with Privacy
Upper Shades: Motorized Standard Roman Style in Terrestrial
Standard Roman Style in Saterra, Azure 03269 with Blackout Liner
Standard Roman Style in Amour, Royal 00003 with Room Darkening

Roman Shades

Decorators have discovered the unspoiled beauty of natural accents. This gentle, untouched aesthetic invites the balance of the natural world into your environment, connecting you to colors and textures of the landscape.

In keeping with this trend, Natural Shades are constructed from organic, renewable resources, including bamboo, jute, and grasses. These rustic materials are now featured in Roman shades, sliding panels, and woven natural drapes.